How Long Do EPDM Roofs Last? Research-Based Facts and Tips to Maximize Their Lifespan

Posted on June 21, 2023

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How Long Do EPDM Rubber Roofs Last

‍EPDM is a rubber membrane widely used for flat and low-slope roofing systems due to its durability, longevity, and versatility. As a commercial roofing specialist at OConnor Contracting, I always recommend this roofing material to all property and business owners who want a sturdy and affordable roof.

If you want to understand how long EPDM roofs last, I’m here with a simple guide to the life expectancy of EPDM roofing membranes. I will share some relevant facts that prove the long-lasting nature of EPDM roofs and provide valuable tips on maximizing their lifespan.

👉How Long Do EPDM Rubber Roofs Last?

How Long Do EPDM Rubber Roofs Last

According to various studies and real-world examples, EPDM roofing membranes have a life expectancy of 30 to 50 years. This impressive lifespan is due to the membrane’s inherent flexibility, durability, and ability to withstand harsh weather conditions.

To ensure your EPDM roof system performs optimally throughout its lifespan, it is important to perform regular maintenance and inspections. Here are some factors that contribute to the long lifespan of EPDM roofs.

👉What Makes EPDM Roofs Last Long?

EPDM roofs have been around for more than 50 years! From their sturdy and ever-evolving composition to some additional maintenance steps taken by you, there are multiple things that ensure the longevity of EPDM roofs. 

Let’s understand these aspects in detail.

Membrane Composition

EPDM is a cross-linked thermoset material, which means it is dimensionally stable and can recover and return to its original state after extreme temperature fluctuations or weather events. The rubberized material’s incredible flexibility also allows it to absorb impacts, such as hail, without fracturing. However, generic brands may not be as durable as the products developed by leading manufacturers like Carlisle and Elevate. So make sure you’re selecting a high-quality membrane manufactured by a reliable brand.

Roof Installation

How Long Do EPDM Roofs Last
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Perfect installation is crucial for maximizing the lifespan of an EPDM roof. Generally, there are three installation methods for EPDM roofing systems: adhered, mechanically attached, and ballasted. Each method has its own performance benefits and costs. You should never opt for the cheapest method and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and your roofing contractor’s advice on EPDM roof installation.

Maintenance Aspects

Regular roof inspections and maintenance are necessary to ensure the long-term performance of any roof, including a durable EPDM membrane. This includes removing debris, addressing any damage or wear quickly, and applying reflective roof coatings as necessary.

Business Activities

The geographical location and climate of your building also determine how long your EPDM roof can last. While its resistance to extreme temperatures and stormy events helps maintain its performance, you should consider whether this roof is suitable for your building’s activities. For example, if your building’s routine work involves the use and release of certain fumes, chemicals, or even oil and grease, a TPO roof may be a better choice for your business. That’s because TPO has better resistance to these substances than EPDM does, and exposure to these substances can reduce its lifespan. Fortunately, to mitigate this problem, there are high-quality EPDM roof coatings available on the market!

Along with that, there are some more actions you can take to ensure a long life for your EPDM roof.

👉Maximizing The Lifespan of EPDM Roofs

As a business or property owner, you would want your building’s roof to provide many years of worry-free protection. Here are some additional steps you can take to get the most out of your EPDM roof:

Choose a Suitable Roof Maintenance Plan Provided by Your Contractor

Commercial roofing contractors provide different types of maintenance plans. You can consult your EPDM roofing contractor and ask if there’s a suitable maintenance plan for your roof and share your requirements with them. This is the best way to avoid skipping regular inspection, cleaning, and repair activities that will extend the roof’s life.

Plan for Snow Removal

While EPDM roofs can handle snow and ice, long-term accumulation of heavy snow will affect the roof’s drainage system and performance. Over time, this can lead to water damage, roof leaks, and other issues. So it’s necessary to remove snowpacks on a regular basis if your building is in a cold, snowy area.

Trim Overhanging Tree Branches

On windy or stormy days, it’s common for surrounding tree branches, twigs, and other debris to end up on flat roofs. This can lead to scratches and punctures on the roof, shortening its lifespan. Make sure there are no hanging objects that may regularly end up on your EPDM roof.

👉Work with a Reputable and Experienced EPDM Roofing Contractor

It may seem like a better choice to hire a roofing contractor with low labor costs, but this may indicate that the contractor is less experienced, and untrained, or the company lacks important requirements like proper licenses or bonds. Select a commercial roofing contractor with good, authentic reviews and ratings on multiple reliable platforms, and ask for referrals from previous clients.

I hope this information helps you in installing or maintaining your EPDM roof. I’ve been working on commercial roofing systems for years, and EPDM roofs have always been one of my top choices! 

If you need more guidance from a reliable commercial roofing contractor in Buffalo or the surrounding areas in New York, our team is here to help you.

Free Consultation and Estimate on EPDM Roofs and Other Commercial Roofing Systems

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How Long Do EPDM Rubber Roofs Last
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