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Commercial Roofing Contractors, You Can Trust

OConnor Contracting is proud to be one of the top roofing companies in the region. Over the years, we have installed high-quality, long-lasting products for businesses — from restaurants to law firms and everything in between. One of our most popular services is roof replacement, which helps keep the interior of your building safe from the elements. Our commercial roof contractors are dedicated to providing the best commercial roofing service available to business owners in the area. Contact our experts today for a free estimate and consultation.



A roof is an essential part of the overall structure of a business. A roof replacement must be left to the professionals so that it can be done correctly and safely.

Safely Installed: Your commercial space must be safe for you and your employees. That is why hiring a contractor is key to following all the safety protocols for a roofing installation. You will have peace of mind knowing that your roof is replaced correctly and up to code.

Cost-Effective: There is a common misconception that business owners can save more money by getting their roofs replaced. A lot goes into a roof replacement, not only purchasing the materials but also the tools needed. Many times, people spend more money having to pay a contractor to come in and fix the shoddy job. This is why it's better to start with an expert who knows your budget and the cost of materials and comes prepared with their tools.

Quality Material: Roofing contractors are also very knowledgeable in building materials. They will work with you and your budget to find the best materials for the job. Whether it is something specific for your taste that you are going for or if you're looking to stick closer to your wallet, a contractor will be able to tell you the cost of materials and will know the best avenues to find them.

OConnor Contracting has been helping Western New York business owners for years. While we've expanded our services to meet the community's needs, we've never lost sight of our passion: making your roof more sustainable. Our reliable and friendly roofing contractors are always happy to help — give us today!


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