10 Ways A GAF Certified Roofing Contractor Can Benefit Homeowners

Posted on March 7, 2023

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GAF Certified

When it comes to your home’s safety and value, you must ensure that you’re working with a roofing contractor that’s skilled, qualified, experienced, and reliable. Otherwise, it can take a toll on your roof’s stability, durability, and functionality, leading to a high expense for repairs. That’s where GAF certified contractors come in. GAF is among the most respected names in the United States roofing industry. Its certification program requires the most rigorous training and is the best in the industry.

At OConnor Contracting, we’re here with a detailed article on how a GAF certified contractor can help homeowners get a durable and profitable roofing system. From the levels of certification to their benefits for homeowners, we’ve covered everything you need to know before making a choice.

Overview Of GAF And Its Certifications

GAF is one of the largest and most advanced roofing manufacturers in the country. They’ve been in business for over 130 years and are known for their high-quality, innovative products. They offer different certification programs for roofing contractors to take in order to help homeowners find a highly qualified and reliable contractor.

There are three levels of a GAF certification:

GAF Authorized Contractor: This is the basic level of GAF certification, which requires the roofing contractors to meet baseline standards for quality, professionalism, and ongoing training.

GAF Certified Contractor: This is a mid-level certification awarded by GAF that requires contractors to pass more specialized tests and training, be licensed within their state, and maintain a satisfactory rating on Better Business Bureau (BBB). These contractors can also only offer GAF’s System Plus warranty. 

GAF Master Elite Contractor: This is the highest level of GAF certification, and only 3% of roofing contractors in North America have earned it. You can enjoy all the benefits offered by GAF, by working with a Master Elite contractor. To achieve this certification, roofing professionals must meet the standards set forth by the previous levels as well as be insured, to protect homeowners from liability such as injury on the job.  They must also continue to meet the highest quality workmanship standards and enroll in regular training and education.

How A GAF Certified Contractor Can Benefit Homeowners

From enhanced reliability during insurance claims to a highly durable roof with better maintenance plans, there are countless benefits of working with a roofing contractor that’s certified by GAF.

Here’s everything you need to know about the advantages offered by a contractor who is certified by GAF: 

#1 High-Quality Workmanship Guaranteed

With GAF’s support and recognition, the brand-certified contractors are among the best in the industry and are extremely reliable in delivering exceptional results. The certification process includes rigorous testing and evaluation of a roofer’s performance, including customer satisfaction and quality of work. These select professionals demonstrate a track record of excellence in the roofing industry, and they are held accountable for maintaining high standards of quality and customer satisfaction.

#2 Most Advanced Roofing Materials & Technologies

GAF certified roofing contractors have access to the latest roofing technology and materials, thanks to GAF’s commitment to innovation and training requirements. This allows contractors to provide a wider range of options and solutions to help roofing systems withstand extreme weather conditions and be more energy efficient. Additionally, they offer a greater selection of products related to roofing styles, colors, and textures to help you find the perfect roofing solution for your needs and budget.

#3 Reliability During Insurance Claims

When a homeowner needs to file a roof insurance claim, it’s best to work with a roofing contractor that is certified by a leading roofing manufacturer. This can make the process much smoother as insurance companies hold GAF products and contractors in high regard, especially Master Elite contractors. They provide accurate assessments of damage and necessary repairs, which can help expedite the insurance claim process.

#4 Industry-Leading Warranties

GAF offers multiple warranty options that cover both materials and workmanship. Working with a GAF certified contractor makes you eligible for their most comprehensive warranties, such as The Golden Pledge warranty. The warranty is only applicable when you hire a GAF Master Elite roofing contractor, and it offers coverage for up to 50 years and includes GAF’s 40-point roof inspection, which leaves no area overlooked.

#5 A Roofing System With Enhanced Resistance And Durability 

GAF certification ensures that roofing systems are installed or repaired using the best practices and materials, leading to a sturdier and more durable roof. GAF certified roofers are required to use high-quality materials and follow industry best practices to ensure that the roof is built to last. This helps homeowners feel confident that their roofing system will withstand the test of time and provide reliable protection from extreme weather events. These materials are tested and proven to withstand extreme temperatures, high winds, heavy rain, and hail.

#6 Rewarding Maintenance Plans

Since GAF places a strong emphasis on ongoing education and training, their certified contractors can offer top-level roof maintenance plans to their customers. They have access to the latest knowledge and specialized tools that can help them assess and identify any issues with a roof before they become major problems. They are also trained to develop customized maintenance plans for each customer based on their budget, roof complexity, and local weather conditions.

#7 Enhanced Energy-Efficiency

GAF certified contractors can help homeowners save money on their energy bills by installing energy-efficient roofing systems. GAF offers a range of eco-friendly roofing materials, including shingles that have earned the ENERGY STAR rating. This rating is awarded to roofing materials that meet industry-level criteria for energy efficiency, including the ability to reflect sunlight and reduce heat absorption. Moreover, the contractors ensure the roof is properly ventilated and insulated to help reduce heat loss during winter and work well for your home’s heating and cooling systems, which is especially helpful during the hot summer months.

#8 Cost-Effective Roofing

By working with a GAF certified roofing contractor, homeowners can benefit from a highly cost-effective roofing solution. All the above benefits, like high-quality workmanship, energy-efficient roofing materials, extended warranties, and easy insurance claims, are proof of the fact that a GAF Master Elite contractor can offer you the most cost-effective roofing system in the market. Furthermore, GAF roofing products are reasonably priced, so you won’t have to worry about spending more than what you budgeted for.

#9 Improved Curb Appeal

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Image Source: gaf.com

GAF Timberline HDZ shingles are among the most popular shingles, and they come in striking color variations to suit any home. You can get expert guidance from their creative contractors on selecting the right shingles to match the style of your home. The experts can also help you choose a GAF Timberline shingle color that best suits your home’s exterior. The contractors can install a perfectly finished and matching roof that transforms the look of your home, improving its curb appeal.

#10 Increased Home Appraisal And Resale Value

Working with a GAF certified contractor to install a new roofing system can also have a positive impact on the appraisal and resale value of a home. A well-maintained and high-quality roofing system is an important factor that appraisers and potential buyers consider when determining the value of a home. Additionally, GAF provides warranties that you can transfer to a new homeowner, providing an additional selling point.

These impressive benefits are enough for any homeowner to weigh their options and choose the best contractor. If you are looking for a GAF contractor to replace or install a roof, we’ve included some tips on how to find the best one below. 

Choosing The Best GAF Contractor

When it comes to GAF, you have the choice to select the best from the best. Here are some tips to help you find and choose a GAF certified contractor that’s best for your home and needs:

Look For GAF Master Elite Contractors

As we’ve explained, GAF Master Elite contractor is the highest level of certification that a contractor can receive from this company. This is important if you want to enjoy all the above benefits that the company offers. You can find Master Elite contractors through GAF’s website, which serves as proof of their certification.

Choose A Contractor In Your Area

Hiring a professional within your local community ensures they are familiar with local building codes, climate considerations, and material preferences. A local expert will also be able to respond to any necessary repairs or maintenance quickly, should the need arise. Additionally, they won’t have to charge you for additional permits and transportation that would otherwise come with a contractor that is not local.

If you live in Western New York, you’ve already found a GAF certified roofing expert, OConnor Contracting. We’re your friendly neighborhood Master Elite Contractor.

Get A Free Consultation From A GAF Master Elite Contractor

At OConnor Contracting, we’re proud to be a GAF Master Elite contractor in Western New York. What distinguishes us from other GAF contractors is our unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and the desire to help every homeowner. 

We want the best for each of our customers, so we always go above and beyond to make that happen. We offer free consultations, roof inspections, and estimates, so you have complete transparency around your shingle roofing project. Call us at (716) 600-7663 to schedule your free slot. Our experts will be happy to answer all your questions and provide the guidance and support you need.

GAF Certified
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