7 Most Popular CertainTeed Shingle Colors Of 2024

Posted on April 20, 2024

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CertainTeed Shingle Colors

In 2024, CertainTeed, a leading manufacturer of building materials, offers a wide range of shingle colors that significantly impact the overall aesthetic appeal and curb appeal of homes. These shingle colors have captured the attention of homeowners and contractors alike, shaping home exteriors across the nation. Choosing the right shingle color is an investment in your property’s curb appeal and resale value, and CertainTeed has long been a trusted name in providing quality shingles. 

Let’s explore the seven of the most popular CertainTeed shingle colors in 2024.

Why Are CertainTeed Shingles The Best Materials For Roofs?

CertainTeed shingles are a well-liked option among homeowners because of their remarkable quality, affordability, and durability. With over a century of experience, CertainTeed offers a variety of shingle options, ranging from luxury asphalt shingles to traditional 3-tab ones. The fiberglass foundation of these shingles ensures exceptional resistance to tearing and blow-off, which is one of its primary advantages. Along with this robust base, CertainTeed shingles come with a variety of features including: 

  • StreakFighter®: Prevents black algae streaks using copper-infused granules, preserving roof appearance.
  • ClimateFlex® Technology: Classified as UL 2218 Class 3 impact rated, these tough shingles resist hail damage and harsh weather conditions, and are suitable for various climates.
  • Solaris® Cool Roof Technology: An energy-efficient solution with reflective granules, reducing roof temperatures and energy costs.
  • QuadraBond™: Enhances roof durability by securely bonding shingle layers.
  • CertaSeal™: Seals shingles against wind uplift and moisture with a flexible, high-quality adhesive.
  • NailTrak®: Simplifies shingle installation with three nailing lines for accurate placement.

Note: Not all CertainTeed shingles come with all these features. To learn more about the shingles you are interested in, visit CertainTeed’s website. 

What Is The Most Popular CertainTeed Shingle Color 2024?

Now that you know why CertainTeed roof shingles are a top choice for homeowners, let’s delve into some of the best CertainTeed Landmark® shingle colors:

1. Cinder Black

 Cinder Black

The first option on our list, Cinder Black, can give any roof a sleek, contemporary, and striking appearance. Their uniform, bold appearance, which can go with a variety of architectural styles, is a result of their deep black color. 

Thanks to subtle texture variations that add depth and dimension, these shingles can also create a dramatic focal point while keeping a lowkey, minimalist look. Because of its adaptability to a variety of exterior designs, this classic color is a popular choice for improving a property’s curb appeal.

2. Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna

The rich tones of Burnt Sienna shingles create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. For enhanced depth, they have textures that mimic real wood or earthy materials. This warm color complements surrounding elements like trees and landscaping and blends in perfectly with the natural environment. 

For homes with traditional architectural styles, these dark brown shingles add rustic charm while keeping a subtle appearance to highlight other features. Their timeless appeal ensures a lasting aesthetic that withstands changing trends.

3. Silver Birch

Silver Birch

With their cool, hard shine, Silver Birch shingles enhance both traditional and modern architectural styles, providing a fresh, modern aesthetic. Their ability to reflect light brightens the roof surface, standing out against darker surroundings. These shingles give the entire design a minimalist appeal because of their uniform, monochromatic appearance. 

Silver tones often have an industrial chic vibe that makes them perfect for modern or urban-inspired homes. These shingles are eye-catching and distinctive, and they draw attention, particularly when combined with materials or colors that contrast with one another.

4. Terra Cotta

Terra Cotta

The fiery orange color of Terra Cotta shingles gives the roof a bright, lively vibe while the warm brown undertones add depth and richness. This blend adds a warm and welcoming feel while creating a rustic look. These shingles enhance the aesthetic appeal of houses and go well with Spanish or Tuscan-inspired homes. 

Influenced by southwestern and Mediterranean aesthetics, these shingles make a dramatic focal point when combined with earth tones, resulting in a harmonious and eye-catching design. These shingles are bold but they also have a timeless quality that will make your property look good for a long time.

5. Mojave Tan

Mojave Tan

The next color option, Mojave Tan, is the perfect muted beige that creates a soft and subtle aesthetic that lets other architectural details take center stage. Although neutral, they radiate warmth, giving homes an inviting atmosphere. 

Their adaptability allows them to work with a range of external colors and materials, resulting in a harmonious design. Beige shingles simulate the beauty of the environment and blend in seamlessly, resulting in a calm ambiance. They are durable and timeless, withstanding trends and adding subtle texture for depth and visual appeal.

6. Thunderstorm Gray

Thunderstorm Gray

The deep black and dark grey hues of Thunderstorm Gray contrast sharply, giving the roof a visually appealing effect that adds depth and architectural interest. This contemporary shingle color combination gives modern and industrial-style homes a sleek, edgy appearance. 

These shingles create a striking focal point that highlights the roof’s prominent features. Black and grey shingles look powerful yet adaptable, going well with a variety of exterior surfaces and styles. Furthermore, they guarantee a long-lasting roofing solution because they require little upkeep to maintain their color over time.

7. Resawn Shake

Resawn Shake

The last color option, Resawn Shake, blends perfectly with the surroundings for a unified look. They provide an earthy, organic vibe similar to natural elements like wood and stone. Ideal for traditional or rustic-style homes, their warm undertones create a cozy ambiance. 

By combining tan and brown, it creates a complementary color palette that keeps the design from looking flat. These earthy shades are timeless and resilient, matching a variety of architectural designs and standing up to shifting trends. They go well with almost any external materials and are flexible enough to accommodate a wide range of design options.

What Are The Different Factors to Consider When Choosing Shingle Colors For Your Home?

Here are some factors to consider when choosing CertainTeed roof shingle colors for your home:

1. Style: 

Different roof colors suit different home styles. Traditional homes fit classic colors like black or brown, while modern homes can opt for darker grays or tan.

2. Matching Colors: 

Your roof’s color should complement your home’s siding, trim, and windows. Choose colors that enhance your home’s existing palette.

3. Sunlight and Climate: 

The local climate affects how roof colors appear. Cooler areas may need warmer tones, while warmer regions can go for cooler shades. You should also consider how sunlight impacts your chosen color.

4. Surrounding Nature: 

Landscaping and vegetation influence color choice. Think about how your roof color will blend with the greenery around your home.

5. Home Height: 

Dark colors draw more attention, while light colors can make your home appear washed out. Consider your house’s height to avoid an unpleasant contrast.

6. Energy Savings: 

Lighter-colored shingles reflect more sunlight, potentially reducing energy costs. Additionally, some shingles are designed for energy efficiency with reflective granules.

7. Professional Advice: 

Get input from your local roofing contractor. They can provide samples and guidance to ensure your chosen color looks great in all lighting conditions.

8. Neighborhood Harmony: 

To maintain a cohesive look, choose a color that blends with other homes. This can enhance your home’s resale value, as curb appeal often leads to higher sale prices.

Are There Any Warranties On CertainTeed Landmark Shingles?

CertainTeed Landmark shingles offer a lifetime limited warranty, covering the shingles for the duration of the homeowner’s ownership. The warranty includes 10 years of SureStart™ protection for a full replacement in case of manufacturing defects, after which coverage becomes prorated. 

CertainTeed also provides extended warranty options for an additional fee, with coverage varying by product. It’s crucial to review the warranty for specific shingles and coverage details.


When it comes to selecting the perfect shingle color for your home, the choice can significantly impact its appearance and value. With CertainTeed offering a wide range of high-quality shingles in popular color options, such as the classic Burnt Sienna or bold Cinder Black, homeowners can find the ideal solution to match their preferences. 

For all your roofing needs, trust OConnor Contracting to deliver reliable roofing services and quality workmanship. Whether it’s a new roof installation, repairs, or maintenance, our experienced team is dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and getting the job done right. Give us a call at (716) 600-7663.

CertainTeed Shingle Colors
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