What To Do When Roof Storm Damage Affects Your Home

Posted on June 8, 2022

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Roof Storm Damage

Buffalo is one of the most prominent cities in one of the most beautiful and popular states in North America, New York. The second-largest city of New York is home to many tourist attractions. But despite all these, Buffalo is also known for some of the harshest winters and storms.

If you are a homeowner living in Queen City, then you must know about these tough weather conditions prevalent in the city such as rainstorms, wind storms, etc. Roof storm damage is no joke. Not only can it cause serious damage to your home, but it can also leave you exposed to the elements for days. This post will discuss what to do and how to take quick action when your roof has suffered damage in the storm season.

πŸ‘‰ Storms In Buffalo, NY That Can Damage Your Roof

Buffalo faces seasonal storms every year. Each type of storm can affect your roof differently. Here are some of the types of storm damage the city faces:

#1 Wind Storms

These are the most destructive in nature and the most prevalent in the city as well. Wind damage is caused by high winds that can knock down trees or branches, rip shingles off the roof, and cause other structural damage to your home. They can also cause damage to windows and doors.

Roof storm damage

#2 Rain Damage

Rains are a common occurrence in Buffalo, NY. However not all the rain is pleasant, some can even be damaging. Rain damage is caused by rainwater entering homes or businesses through roofs, windows, or door leaks.

#3 Hail Damage

Hailstorms aren’t as common as other types of storms, but they can occur in Buffalo] from time to time. Hail damage is caused by large chunks of ice falling from the sky during a storm. Hail can cause cracks in your home’s foundation, windows, or doors, as well as denting or cracking the shingles as well as things such as your cars.

#4 Snow Storm

Most areas in New York State face severe winter and snow storms every year. Blizzards, thundersnow, and lake effect storms are detrimental to your property. It’s also dangerous for you if you step out during these storms. If you live in Buffalo or surrounding areas, your home needs preventive care before the winter begins.

πŸ‘‰ Steps To Take After A Storm Has Hit Your Home

When hit by the storm, the faster you act, the better it will be for both you and your family. Here we share with you some tips that you need to follow.

β€’ Make Sure Everyone Is Safe

Your area has witnessed a massive storm, and the first step you need to take is to ensure everyone in the home is absolutely safe. Whenever the weather turns stormy, we all want to stay safe β€”, and the most important way to do that is by making sure that you and your family are in a secure place. If you have kids, then they can be frightened, and it is important to assure them of safety.

β€’ Check The Damages To See On The Inside

Also, a storm can damage your home’s wiring, so it is better to stay away from electrical appliances. Watch out for broken windows, glasses, loose tiles, deck, and other interior areas of your home.

If you see any stains on the ceiling, walls, or floor with a different color than the rest of your house’s interior, it is likely there is some kind of leak happening in your home. If you find mold on these surfaces as well, it could indicate an even bigger problem.

If you have a basement in your home and it was flooded during this storm event, be sure to inspect every corner carefully.

β€’ Move Out, Carefully Assess Your Home And Roof

After ensuring that everyone inside your home is safe, it is time to assess the damage on the outside. It is advisable that you step out after the storm has passed and the conditions are okay. So when it’s safe, you must first check your roofing system’s condition. Apart from your roof, you need to carefully look at the other areas of your exteriors, as all of them play a crucial role in your home’s safety. These can include the areas such as:

  • Siding
  • Gutters System
  • Soffits And Fascia
  • Windows

To make it easy for you, we have listed some of the crucial signs that can be a direct cause of roof storm damage.

Damaged Shingles

Shingles are the top layer of your roof. These are visible to the world and face the wrath of storms first. During high-speed winds, these shingles can be blown off, uplifted, or curled. Wind storms can also result in granule loss of shingles; this can cause serious deterioration of your roof. On the other hand, snow storms or hail storms can cause dents on roofs.

Damaged/Missing Flashing

Flashing is a type of metal strip that the contractor uses to protect the leak-prone areas of your time. Storms can uproot the flashing in the chimneys or skylights. This can cause the water to seep in and cause damage to the interiors.

β€’ Document The Damage

In the majority of cases, a storm damage roof repair will cost you a lot of money. To get assistance from the insurance company, it is important that you document the roof storm damage. This will help you get faster assistance and claims from your insurance provider.

You can do documentation by taking photos of the damaged areas. If you aren’t sure what kind of damage was done or need to know at what point in time it occurred, take a picture and note the date. If possible, take the pictures from multiple angles. You can also make a video.

β€’ Try To Make Emergency Repair To Avoid Further Damage

There can sometimes be a situation when the damage is so severe that the leaks start to damage the inside of your home.

During such situations, it is better to make some repairs and fixes on your property yourself. Roofing in winter is dangerous for the roofers as well as your home. Here are some of the things you can do to minimize the damage before a professional arrives.

  • Move your precious belongings away from the area that is leaking, and remove the plug of all the electrical appliances.
  • Cover the furniture with a plastic sheet so that they do not get affected
  • If you’re dealing with a leak in your roof, set up a tub or bucket and be ready to protect any items below the source of the leak.
  • If possible, you can also tarp the roof till a professional comes. This will protect you from further water damage.


β€’ Call Your Insurance

After the storm has passed, you should contact your insurance agent and file a claim. You may be able to file an online report with your insurance company or wait for them to call you. It is important that you notify your insurance company immediately after the storm so that no time is wasted and the process can be started as early as possible. The insurance company will send an adjuster to assess the damage. Based on his opinion, the claim process will be initiated. Be sure to submit all the necessary documentation you have kept.

After reviewing the report and photos, he or she will assess whether it’s worth filing a claim with their career as well as how much they’ll pay out on those damages and whether the claim will be full or partial.

β€’ Contact A Professional

There are only limited things that you can do to minimize the damage to your roof and make things better for your home again. Minor roofing repairs, such as cleaning the roof and tarping work only temporarily. At the end of the day, roof storm damage is a serious thing that needs proper attention. You’ll find that hiring a trusted roofing contractor is essential β€” working with a professional ensures that the crew will use premium materials and will finish the job in a timely manner so that your roof can be set back to its original condition in a quick time.

Hiring a professional roofing contractor for a roof storm damage repair will also give you a sense of relief and provide peace of mind since you know your roof is in trusted hands.

πŸ‘‰ Need Professional Storm Damage Roof Repair Services?

Many roofing companies serve the area of Buffalo, NY, but for a service that is as complex and as important as roof storm damage repairs, it is important that you hire a contractor that has the necessary experience and is reputable in the area. OConnor Contracting is the best roofing contractor operating in Buffalo city. We offer best-in-class roof repair and replacement services and are backed by years of experience.

If a storm has damaged your roof, the experts at OConnor Contracting are here to help you. From checking for damage and making repairs to assisting you in insurance claims, we can walk you through the entire process. We assure you that with us you will not have to worry about the quality of the service. Getting your roof back in its best condition is our priority.

Call us today at (716) 600-7663 or visit our website for more information about our services!

Roof Storm Damage
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