How Long Does A Silicone Roof Coating Last? (2024)

Posted on March 28, 2024

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How Long Does A Silicone Roof Coating Last? (2024)

Flat roofs have always been the preferred design for commercial buildings. But over the years, many homeowners have also started to choose a flat roof design for their homes, thanks to its simplicity and affordability compared to traditional pitched roofs. 

However, the flat roofing systems are a bit more vulnerable to ponding water and other conditions. So, when it comes to maintenance and protection, one of the best ways to protect your flat roof is by using a roof coating. 

When it comes to additional protection, a silicone coated roof is your best bet. A properly applied silicone roof coating can last from 15 to 20 years, potentially adding decades of use to your flat roof.  

What Makes A Silicone Roof Coating The Best On The Market? 

Installing a silicone coating is one of the best ways to enhance the durability of your existing flat roof system. There are other roof coating options also available, such as asphalt, polyurethane, and acrylic coatings. However, a silicone-coated roof typically has the longest lifespan among all these. 

The manufacturing process of silicone roof coatings involves the use of high-quality silicone polymers, which are mixed with various additives such as fillers, pigments, and UV stabilizers. All these additives ensure that a durable and flexible coating is produced. The mixture is then blended together using specialized equipment to create the final product. 

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Silicone Roof Coating

Here are a few reasons why silicone roof coatings are ruling the market: 

100% Silicone Content: 

These coatings are made with a high concentration of silicone. The majority of the silicone roof coatings use 100% silicone resins. On the other hand, other types of roof coatings have a lower solid content. High solids and less water make them highly resistant to weathering and degradation from UV radiation. 


Additionally, silicone roof coatings have excellent water resistance, which helps to prevent water damage and leaks. They also have high elasticity, which allows them to expand and contract with changes in temperature without cracking or breaking.

UV Resistance:

A silicone coated roof can withstand the harmful effects of UV rays better than other coatings like polyurethane and acrylic. These coatings tend to break down in harsh sunlight, but silicone’s strong composition resists constant sun rays with ease.

Factors Affecting The Lifespan Of A Silicone Coating 

The lifespan of a silicone roof coating can be influenced by several key factors, each playing a crucial role in determining the coating’s longevity and performance:

Application Quality: 

Perhaps the most critical factor in determining the lifespan of a silicone roof coating is the quality of its application. A skilled roofer must apply your silicone roof coating correctly to ensure its durability and effectiveness. 

Roof coatings have specific guidelines for installation, when these are not followed or the coating is applied incorrectly, it can lead to premature wear and reduce the average lifespan of your roof. 

Weather Conditions: 

The area or the environment you live in can also play a big role in deciding ultimately how long your silicone roof coating will be viable. As we know, WNY has unpredictable weather, including heavy rains, hail, and snow, you get it all here. 

Exposure to such extremes, along with other factors like high UV radiation and storms, can cause the coating to deteriorate more quickly. This can happen even if it’s installed properly. 

Therefore, it’s important to assess the local climate and take appropriate protective measures to extend your flat roof coating’s life. 

Roof Material: 

The type of roofing material also plays a role in determining how long a silicone coating will last. Different roofing materials have varying levels of compatibility with silicone coatings, which can affect the coating’s adhesion and overall performance. It’s essential to choose a silicone coating that is compatible with your roof material to ensure maximum lifespan and effectiveness.


Even the best roof coatings can falter if you do not pay attention to them. No matter which product you install, you need to do regular checks to ensure that everything is alright. By identifying any issues early on, you can prevent minor problems from escalating and causing damage to the coating and later, your roofing membrane. 

Perform regular cleaning, at least once a month, to keep your roof in good condition and to ensure that it performs optimally for years to come.

Silicone Coating 

What Is The Best Silicone Roof Coating Available?

So far, we’ve discussed how long silicone roof coatings last and various factors that can impact their overall performance. However, when it comes to selecting a coating for your roof, you’ll discover that there is an array of options to choose from. Here are some of the best coatings for your roof: 

  • Henry® Pro-Grade® 988 Silicone Coating
  • #924 Eterna-Sil Premium Silicone Roof Coating
  • GacoFlex S42 Series
  • Jetcoat® Ultra White 100% Silicone Roof Coating
  • Gardner® 100% Silicone Flat Roof Coat-N-Seal

We have reviewed these roof coatings in detail in this blog

Maintaining Your Silicone Roof Coating

As a property owner, you don’t want to frequently reapply a roof coating. To ensure your silicone roof coating lasts as long as possible, consider the following tips:

  • Regular Inspections: Schedule regular inspections to check for any signs of damage or wear.
  • Schedule Roof Repairs: Address any issues promptly to prevent further damage.
  • Cleaning: Regular cleaning can help maintain the coating’s reflectivity and performance.
  • Reapplication: Depending on the condition of the coating, you may need to reapply it every 10 to 20 years.

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Choose The Right Contractor To Install Your New Roof Coating

As we have seen, choosing a contractor is the first step you need to take to ensure successful installation. If you’re looking for a roofing company that you can rely on, look no further than OConnor Contracting. Our team of expert roofing professionals is dedicated to providing quality services. We use only the best products and techniques to ensure that your roof coating is installed properly and will last for years to come. Don’t take chances with your roof, contact us today at (716) 600-7663

How Long Does A Silicone Roof Coating Last? (2024)
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