How Much Does A Fascia Board Replacement Cost?

Posted on February 1, 2023

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Fascia Board Replacement Cost

Are you tired of reading generic articles on fascia board replacement costs that fail to paint a clear picture of their expense? Well, OConnor Contracting is here to help you! This article is a helpful resource for homeowners looking for fascia board replacement services.

We’ve taken a unique approach by examining everything, such as the average cost of different materials, labor costs, factors affecting the final cost, and practical tips for reducing expenses. 

So let’s understand what it may cost to replace old or damaged fascia boards.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Fascia Boards On Your Roof?

The average cost of fascia board replacement ranges from around $7 to $12 per linear foot. This price range includes the product cost and the labor cost to remove old boards and install new ones. The final price depends on several factors, such as the type and quality of the material, the design and size of the board, the expertise of your roofing contractor, and the location of the house.

A homeowner should learn the details about these cost factors. Otherwise, it can become an expensive ordeal if certain aspects are overlooked. Also, you should consider having damaged parts replaced promptly with better-quality materials, so you don’t have to endure all of this in the near future.

So, let’s learn about all the factors that contribute to the total expense of replacing fascia boards on a roof.

Factors Affecting The Fascia Board Replacement Cost

From a seamless replacement process to the design and thickness of the board material, many things affect the final cost. You’d be surprised to know that prices also fluctuate based on seasonal weather.

Fascia board
Fascia board

Fascia Board Material

This is an important investment, as the roof’s fascia board also holds up the rain gutters. So choosing the right fascia board material can make a big difference in terms of functionality and total expense. Here’s the average cost of materials per linear foot:

Wood: $2

Composite: $4

Vinyl: $6

Fiber Cement: $8

Galvanized Steel: $8

Aluminum: $10

Copper: $20

The boards can cost less or more depending on their thickness, fastening method, and design.

Design, Fastening Method, and Thickness Of The Board

Thicker boards typically cost more, but they also provide greater durability and last much longer. Similarly, fascia boards with a hidden fastening method cost more than boards with exposed nails and screws. Concealed fasteners are better for rainy areas, as they don’t corrode due to high levels of moisture. Lastly, a more intricate design or stylish profile may also increase the cost a bit. However,  architectural and design elements also add aesthetic appeal to your home, making it more eye-catching and valuable to potential buyers.

So, as you compare the average cost of different fascia board materials, remember to consider these factors to get a more accurate estimate of what you should expect to spend.

Labor Costs

Roofing contractors may have slightly different pricing depending on their methods and level of expertise. The price depends on where you live, what services are included in the cost, and the quality of the roofing company you choose.

Experience and Reputation Of The Roofing Company

Companies that have been in business for many years and have a good reputation for quality work are likely to charge more for their services than newer companies or those with a less established reputation.

Qualifications, Expertise, and Skills Of The Roofers

The qualifications, expertise, and skills of the roofers can also impact the labor cost of replacing fascia boards. For example, a highly qualified, talented, and experienced roofer will likely charge more for their services than a less experienced roofer.

Services Included In The Replacement Project

Finally, the labor cost also depends on the services that are included in the project. For example, some companies may include removing old material and clean-up after installation in their estimate, while some may charge extra for it.

Additionally, the price of labor also differs depending on the competition in the area. So, how much you’ll pay will also be affected by the location of your house.

Location Of The House

The town or city where you live can affect your fascia replacement cost due to factors such as local market price, and taxes. For example, the cost of materials and labor may be higher in prominent and busy cities such as Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, California, than in towns like Buffalo and Amherst, New York.

Current Season Or The Month

The current season or month can also impact the total price of the project. For example, the labor cost may be higher during the peak roofing season (summer) compared to the off-season (winter). This is due to the increased demand for roofing services during the warmer months, which can drive up the cost of labor. Warm months are better suited for replacement and installation work, as adhesives and sealants seal better and faster when it’s hot outside.

If you’re wondering how to save money on your project, you can follow some tips that have worked for our clients over the years.

Time-Tested Tips To Save Money

Saving money doesn’t mean you need to compromise on the quality of roofing products and services. The best way to get it done cost-effectively is by making sure your fascia boards remain strong and functional for decades and you don’t have to spend more money on repairs, maintenance, and replacements over the years.

Choosing a Durable Material

One way to save money is by getting a durable fascia material that is built to last for years. Materials such as copper, aluminum, or fiber cement are known for their strength and longevity, which means you don’t have to worry about fascia board damage and replacement for a very long time.

Hiring An Expert

Wondering whom to call to replace fascia boards? Since fascia is a part of your roof, you need a roofing contractor licensed and experienced in repairing and replacing fascia. They will have the knowledge and expertise to determine whether you need a few repairs or a complete replacement. The perfect installation also takes care of roof ventilation and insulation needs. Moreover, the specialists can also give you an estimate of the cost to repair rotted wood facia and even the adjacent materials like the soffit.

Proper Maintenance and Repair

It’s always best to keep an eye on your house and take special care of exposed parts, such as shingles, gutters, fascia boards, and windows. Getting a roof inspection once or twice a year is an excellent way to identify issues and prevent expensive damage way before they get out of hand.

We hope this guide was helpful to you and solved your doubts relating to the cost of replacing fascia boards. 

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Fascia Board Replacement Cost
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