7 Best Roof Sealants For Asphalt Shingles

Posted on November 30, 2023

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best roof sealant for asphalt shingles

Roof sealants are a type of adhesive used to seal leaks and reinforce certain roofing materials. It effectively stops water, preventing damage and helping your roof stand strong. Even though your asphalt shingle roof is naturally tough and an effective guardian from the elements, they can’t escape the natural wear and tear that happens over time. 

With time, tiny cracks may form in the roof, allowing for leaks, which is where roof sealants are able to save the day. That’s why, in this blog post we’re going to discuss some of the best roof sealant for asphalt shingles that you can find on the market today.

Best Roof Sealants for Asphalt Shingles Roof

#1. Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape

Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape

The first one on our list is Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape. It is an easy to apply sealant for all sorts of roofing jobs, such as protecting asphalt shingles from water and moisture damage. 

Since it’s incredibly waterproof, it means that even in rainy weather, your roof will remain leak-free. Also, it is really flexible, which is important since it can bend and adjust to fit your roof with accuracy, sealing tightly along uneven areas. Due to the strength of the adhesive, your roof will remain protected for years to come.

This sealant is also UV stable, which means that it won’t degrade over time with exposure to the sun. This sealant tape isn’t just for roofs either; it’s an all-purpose one that can work its magic on gutters, skylights, windows, doors, walls, and foundations. 

#2. Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant

Liquid Rubber Waterproof Sealant is another great option for keeping things dry, especially when it comes to asphalt shingle roofs. It’s UV stable, meaning it won’t degrade with sun exposure, and it’s water-based, which makes it incredibly simple to apply and create a flexible coating that can be adjusted to fit a variety of surfaces. This all-purpose product also works on gutters, sheds, basements, and more. 

Due to its flexible nature, it can form an incredibly tight seal on uneven surfaces. It’s also quite simple to use, making it possible for you to quickly fix any gaps or cracks in your roof hassle-free.

#3. Lanco Ultra Siliconized Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating

Lanco Ultra Siliconized Acrylic Elastomeric Roof Coating

The Ultra Siliconized Acrylic Elastomeric Reflective Roof Coating by Lanco stands out because of its unique features. Its silicone composition offers exceptional resistance to blistering, peeling, and cracking, even in the middle of severe weather. This guarantees that your roof will continue to be strong and resilient, prepared to face the difficulties caused by nature.

This coating is UV-reflective, which lowers heat absorption and keeps the interior of your home cooler by reflecting quite a bit of solar radiation. Both your living area and your roof are therefore protected from the heat, which could otherwise cause shingles to warp or curl up. 

This sealant provides a thick barrier against water and weather, ensuring that your roof remains strong in rain, snow, and harsh storms. Plus, its high flexibility allows it to stretch up to 300% of its original size. This makes it well-equipped to handle natural movements and shifts that asphalt shingle roofs experience due to temperature changes. If that wasn’t impressive enough, its quick-drying powers ensure a swift and effective installation, making it a speedy and reliable protector for your home.

#4. Armor Shingle Roof Coating

Armor Shingle Roof Coating

This roof coating acts as a shield for your roof. It is easily applied with either a roller or a sprayer and will extend the lifespan of your shingle roof. It stops leaks, prevents fading, and protects against bad weather. You can use it on different types of porous roofs, like asphalt shingles and clay tiles. Its unique formula is both breathable and waterproof, stopping water infiltration while allowing heat and moisture to escape. 

This sealant comes with a 5-year warranty against material defects, showing the manufacturer’s confidence in their product. Plus, it locks the shingle granules into place and adds a thin layer that shields them from the sun and rough weather. 

#5. Through the Roof! by Sashco

Through the Roof! by Sashco

Available in three colors and three different size containers, this roof sealant is perfect for every project. Through the Roof! is a co-polymer rubber elastomeric sealant that can be used on a variety of roofing materials, including asphalt shingles, cedar shakes, cement tiles, and slate. Unlike other types of sealants, it can be applied in any weather conditions and on wet surfaces, so it can be used to patch leaks even during a rainstorm. Plus, it can be painted to blend in with your roof and won’t lose its flexibility over time. 

#6. Henry® 289 White Roof Sealant

Henry® 289 White Roof Sealant

If you’re on a tight budget, Henry® 289 White Roof Sealant is a product that offers high-quality roof sealant at an affordable price. Henry products operate wonderfully and are comparable to other options on the market, even though they are reasonably priced.

This sealant is also easy to use because of its simple application and is a great option for DIY projects. Its exceptional elastic qualities, which offer a reliable seal, are one of its most notable features. It’s not just compatible with asphalt shingles, it is flexible and works with a variety of roofing materials. Additionally, the adhesive qualities are good, guaranteeing a strong bond.

What makes it a really great product is its ability to reflect around 70% of harmful UV rays, which can be a game changer for keeping both the roof and interior temperatures of a home lower. It also comes with a 10-year warranty, which provides you with extra peace of mind.

#7. Roof & Flashing Sealant by Loctite

Roof & Flashing Sealant by Loctite

The PL Roof & Flashing Polyurethane Sealant from Loctite is a premium, expert-grade sealant designed to prevent leaks in your chimneys and asphalt shingles roof. Its superior formula provides long-lasting protection against ozone, water, UV rays, and weather. It adjusts to changes in building layout without losing its strength thanks to a polyurethane formula that permits 25% movement. Moreover, it complies with tight regulations and has a low volatile organic compound (VOC). 

It costs $8 to $12 for a 10-ounce tube or $35 to $40 for a four-tube pack. It has a 4.5-star rating on Amazon and is a well-liked product. Ideal for protecting the flashing on your roof and sealing gaps.

Why Choosing the Right Roof Sealant Matters

Picking the right roof sealant for asphalt shingles is important because:

  1. Works with Asphalt Shingles: Make sure the sealant is made for asphalt shingles because this will ensure that it lasts a long time.
  1. Handles Different Weather: The sealant should be able to protect your roof against things like sunlight, rain, and other temperature changes as this will keep your roof safe from damage.
  1. Easy to Put On: It should be easy to apply since this helps seal gaps and cracks properly during installation and maintenance.
  1. Lasts a Long Time: Look for a sealant that can last long. This means you won’t have to apply it too often, and your roof stays strong.


Now that you know about the best roof sealants for asphalt shingles, you can easily find the best suitable option for your own roof. With some regular checks and some sealant your roof can be happy because a happy roof means a happy home.

Taking care of your asphalt shingle roof is essential for its longevity. To get the best results, consider calling OConnor Contracting for all your asphalt shingle needs in Buffalo and Western New York. Our experts are here to help your roof and home stay happy for years to come. Contact us today at (716)-600-7663!

best roof sealant for asphalt shingles
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