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For most people, purchasing a home is the largest investment they make in their lifetime. As such, it is essential homeowners do what they can to protect their investment and make sure their home maintains its resale value. In order to maintain or increase the value of your investment, it is vital that you have a trustworthy roof in place. The roof is one of the most important parts of your home, and occasionally requires repairs, maintenance, and replacement.

O’Connor Contracting has helped countless homeowners protect their investment with our services. We work with the best brands, like CertainTeed and Owens Corning, to make sure our clients have access to only the best materials. Contact our roofing contractor today to learn more about our experience and expertise! We proudly serve Pendleton, NY; Hamburg, NY; Amherst, NY; Tonawanda, NY; North Tonawanda, NY; Clarence, NY; Orchard Park, NY; West Seneca, NY; Williamsville, NY; Grand Island, NY; Cheektowaga, NY and the surrounding communities.


At our roofing company, we offer quality, durable, and excellent projects to ensure your roof lasts. Our roofing contractors are all skilled, knowledgeable to get the job done right, the first time. If you believe our company can improve your roof overall, be sure to give us a call. We offer our services to all of Western New York including, Amherst, NY; Pendleton, NY; Tonawanda, NY; Hamburg, NY; North Tonawanda, NY; Cheektowaga, NY; Clarence, NY; Grand Island, NY; Orchard Park, NY; Williamsville, NY and areas nearby.

Roof Inspections: Each appointment will begin with a thorough inspection. Our roof inspection determines the integrity of your roof, how long it will last and when it will need to be replaced.

Regular Maintenance & Installation: When just a little maintenance will do, we are here to help. Proactive inspections and scheduled roof maintenance can provide many long-term benefits, including extending the life of your roof.

Roof Repairs: Our team can complete minor and major roof repairs including leaking roofs, structural damage, mold and mildew, leaky skylights and more.

Roof Replacement: If your current roof is beyond fixing, we can replace it with a new one. We offer a variety of styles and colors to suit any style of home. If it's time for a roof replacement, we can help.

Skylight Installation: Skylights provide a natural source of light and make your home more energy efficient.

Storm Damage Roofing: We can assist with any repairs your roof may need after a Buffalo storm. Whether your roof suffered damage from snow, wind or hail, let us help restore its original condition.


A roof is an essential component of your housing structure. If you need a roof repair or replacement, it is best to leave it to the professionals. Trying to fix a roof on your own could be dangerous and may cost you a lot of time and money. Below are various reasons you should hire a roofing contractor for all your roofing needs.

Experience: A roofing contractor will have years of experience and the proper knowledge and tools to ensure your roofing needs are taken care of timely and safely. Trying to complete a roofing project on your own could cause more problems and end up costing you more money. Have peace of mind knowing a roofing contractor will fix the problem the first time.

Safety: Working on a roof can be dangerous, and you have to be cautious of every step you make. Not only does a roofing contractor have the experience they also will bring the proper equipment to ensure the job is completed safely.

Durability: When fixing a roof, you want it to be durable; the last thing you want to think about is another roof repair. A roofing contractor will ensure your roof lasts for years, don't risk having to make constant repairs by doing it yourself.

Peace of Mind: When you find out you need a roof repair, it can be stressful and overwhelming. Have peace of mind knowing a roofing contractor knows what they are doing and will come to your property and inspect, repair, or replace a roof so it can last for years.

Trust our roofing contractors at O'Connor Contracting to assist you with all your roofing needs. Whether you need an inspection, repair, replacement, or more, we can help you. Give our roofing contractors a call today to learn more information! We proudly provide services to Amherst, Tonawanda, North Tonawanda, Clarence, Orchard Park, Williamsville, Grand Island, Cheektowaga, Hamburg, Pendleton, NY, and the surrounding area.


If you have any questions about your roof or would like to schedule a roof repair or roof replacement, we are here to help! For trusted roof services, get in touch with our team today.

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