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Keeping your roof in great condition is essential as it is what protects your home from the outside elements. There are a number of forces that can cause damage and lessen its structural integrity. If you have noticed a minor leak, major damage from a storm or anything in between, you can count on the contractors at O’Connor Contracting for quality roof repairs.

Our experienced team of contractors are trained to review each layer of your roof to determine the severity of the damage and what steps need to be taken in order to restore it back to prime condition. Our contractors can help whether it’s a few shingles or storm damage, we can make your roof repair happen!


Poor Insulation: Poor or faulty insulation can increase the likelihood of issues and reduce the life span of your roof. Have it inspected to make sure it has been insulated correctly.

Leaks and Moisture: Snow, ice and rain among other elements can lead to moisture being trapped in the layers and can cause leaks, mold or rotting.

Overhanging Trees: Tree limbs or branches that rub against your roof can erode the surface of shingles or a protective layer. Large branches that fall can create more damage.

Storm Damage: Wind and hail can cause punctures in your roof which will need to be looked at regularly.

Lack of Maintenance: Many issues start off as minor but when they are not inspected can lead to more serious damage.


The best way to preserve your roof's integrity and extend the life span is through consistent maintenance and repairs as necessary. By monitoring for any signs of damage, you can help prevent smaller issues from turning into larger ones. O'Connor Contracting roofing company proudly serves the community. We offer roof inspections, roof replacement, skylight installation, storm damage roofing and more in the Western New York area. Contact us today to schedule an inspection with our roofing contractors! We serve Amherst, NY; Williamsville, NY; Clarence, NY; North Tonawanda, NY; Pendleton, NY; Orchard Park, NY; Tonawanda, NY; Hamburg, NY; Grand Island, NY and nearby areas.

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