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Flat Roofing System In Western New York

No matter where you live, it's always good to stay on top of the latest developments in home improvement. And if you're living in Western New York, one of the best new trends in the flat-roofing system.

Flat roofs have a lot of benefits, both in terms of cost and other factors. For instance, it can be not easy to find roofing contractors in Western New York who are qualified to install certain types of roofs—but flat roofs are relatively simple and easy to install due to their low-angle shape. In addition, flat-roofed homes tend to be easier for homeowners to maintain. Flat roofs can be washed off easily with a hose or power wash gun—no need for ladders or scaffolding.

Types Of Flat Roofs

Single Ply: Single-ply roofing is a flexible membrane made from rubber, plastic, or synthetic material. It's installed by rolling it out and adhering it to the roof base with hot tar.

Asphalt: Asphalt roofing is one of the most inexpensive options available. It provides excellent protection against the elements and is easy to install. The only downside is that asphalt degrades over time and requires regular maintenance to ensure proper drainage and eliminate leaks.

Metal: Metal roofs come in various styles, including standing seam and corrugated panels. They're durable, fire-resistant, and environmentally friendly, but they also require significant maintenance as they age due to rusting and corrosion caused by exposure to moisture or extreme temperatures.


Why Choose Us For Flat Roof Installation?

If you're looking for a flat roof installation company in Buffalo, NY, OConnor Contracting is your answer. We specialize in superior flat roof installation in Amherst and the surrounding areas. We understand that every building is unique and has different needs, so we don't use cookie-cutter solutions. Our experienced professionals will take the time to talk with you about what you want from your next flat roof, then design a custom solution that's tailored to your individual needs. We'll never give you the runaround or try to upsell you on products or services you don't need. So, give us a call today to know your options for flat roofs.


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